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Ultra compact biomass condensing District Heating

BioCurve and Ingem Energy develop a modular central heating system with efficiency close to 105%

At Amalurra’s facilities, the rural hotel complex allocated in Artzentales (Biscay), the heating installation, fueled by propane gas, has been replaced by an innovative heating + DHW biomass condensing energy unit.

The project – developed by Ingem Energy in cooperation with BioCurve – has been a turning point in the installation of this type of heat systems. The high performance of the biomass boilers built by BioCurve and the management system developed allow optimizing the boiler room as a whole and adapting it to the energetic needs of the client.

In order to guarantee the supply of both heating and hot water for the three Amalurra buildings, a system was conceived, consisting of three BioCurve condensation boilers of 100 KW connected in cascade. The high efficiency of these boilers, reaching 105% in condensing conditions, makes them ideal for this type of consumers who need a great thermal demand with a minimum expenditure and very low emissions to the atmosphere.












The challenge that Amalurra manager posed to Ingem Energy and BioCurve was a thorough replacement of the heating system in a very short lapse and without stopping the activity of the complex. 

The solution went through a drastic reduction of civil works and, then, the consequent shortening of set up time. For achieving this, BioCurve and Ingem conceived a District Heating system by supplying the whole assembly in only two twenty feet containers. The so-called “District Heating” is a centralized production of energy, with underground piped distribution of heat to different buildings, where the consumption is done. This production, if well managed, is the most efficient way of generating heat (it would be the equivalent, let us say, to use collective rather than individual transport).

This approach, in addition to reducing time and scope of the work in Amalurra, allowed the whole system to be tested and calibrated in BioCurve’s own facilities to achieve the shortest commissioning period.

A great solution within only 20 feet

The two containers, stacked vertically, were placed in the Amalurra garden next to the facilities. This way, a boiler room of only 6 meters long and 2.5 meters wide was configured: an ultra compact and efficient solution for 300 kW in condensing biomass, which supports BioCurve’s and Ingem’s careers at the avant-garde of engineering.
Biomass Condensing District Heating in two 20-feet containers












The lower container embraces the complete boiler room, including the three BioCurve BCH100 condensing boilers of 100 kW, working in cascade operation, as well as the hydraulic circuit. This output is enough to cover the thermal needs of those three buildings: hotel, hostel and spa. The whole of the installation is managed by a PLC programmed by Ingem, remotely accessible, so that the boiler room can be fully operated anytime, anywhere.

The second container, placed on top of the first, houses the pellet silo from which boilers are fed by gravity, through three independent augers. The pellets are loaded to this container from a pneumatic truck, through two couplings connected to the silo. This system is much faster and more convenient, as the access is more reachable than standard fuel silo locations. In addition, the tightness of the container ensures that pellet is kept in the same conditions as when served.

To make the whole look visually pleasing, the exterior of the containers was coated to give them a much more aesthetic appearance. Appearance that for the innkeeper is crucial in order to continue maintaining a landscaping according to the beautiful surroundings of the complex.

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