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From BioCurve we always suggest that both dimensioning and design of the installation work should be performed by trained technicians.

As a general rule, and for having some rough figures that might be verified by specialists, the weight (in tons) of pellets consumed by a conventional boiler is one third of the output (in kW).

If the pellet used has a superior calorific value, the boiler is efficient (above 95%), and the installation is well insulated, this number will decrease significantly, and may approach a quarter of the output (in kW).
It is also useful to know that the bulk density of the pellet is about 650 kg / m3.

These two data will help to properly size the silo, provided that the silo can be refilled several times a year. For optimal management, it should be able to accommodate at least 3-4 tons of pellets (about 5-6 cubic meters), to be filled periodically from truck.

If you have enough space, a silo with a capacity equivalent to the annual consumption will allow the end user to negotiate better supply conditions in low season.

BioCurve offers also textile silos, with fast assembly and extraordinary strength. Supported by a galvanized steel structure, they are made of superb certified fabric, air permeable, but sawdust-tight. They are also equipped with Storz coupling for being filled by truck, as well as extraction box adapted to the boiler’s feeding, either auger or vacuum suction systems.

Silos para pellets - BioCurve
Model Dimensions
Extraction system
BCSP201 200x200x230 3.1 Tm Auger
BCSP202 200x200x230 3.1 Tm Vacuum
BCSP251 250x250x230 4.8 Tm Auger
BCSP252 250x250x230 4.8 Tm Vacuum
BCSP301 300x300x230 6.6 Tm Auger
BCSP302 300x300x230 6.6 Tm Vacuum
BCSP301G 300x300x250 7.6 Tm Auger
BCSP302G 300x300x250 7.6 Tm Vacuum

If the storage room is limited, take into account the most compact silo. It contains up to 20% of extra biofuel compared to a conventional silo. This solution is possible only if the boiler is fed by vacuum suction system from the silo.

Silos para pellets compactos - BioCurve
Model Dimensions
Extraction system
BCMS202 200x200x230 3.6 Tm Vacuum
BCMS222 220x220x230 4.5 Tm Vacuum
BCMS202G 200x200x250 4.0 Tm Vacuum
BCMS222G 220x220x250 5.0 Tm Vacuum

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