Manufacturer of biomass condensing boilers

Control and regulation

Touch screen

BioCurve boilers are standard-equipped with a colour touch screen programmed for simple, intuitive operation.

The user will quickly and easily access to different options, such as checking the status of the boiler, modifying the setpoint, programming weekly on-off schedules…


The control board integrated in a BioCurve boiler has enough power to control not only the internal operation of the boiler, but a large number of external actions.

Complex installations can be resolved through the external control BCHSmartWarm, able to manage several circuits and adapt boiler’s performance to the outside temperature.


BioCurve boilers are delivered with an optimal regulation for the pellet (A1 ENplus) best combustion.

Nevertheless, some customers may suffer noticeable variations on the composition of the pellet received throughout the year. In such cases, BioCurve proposes external control for combustion oxygen, thanks to a Lambda probe specifically adapted to its appliances.


If the user wants to have anytime, anywhere, precise control of its BioCurve boiler, the ideal travel companion is the BCHServer.

    This great little device has the following features:

  • Ethernet module for communication with BioCurve boilers
  • Internet via local area network (LAN)
  • Configuring e-mails (up to 5) for sending messages
  • Mobile application for iOS® / Android® / Windows® with the following functions:
    • Boiler on/off setting
    • Status display, temperature, output, warnings
    • Modification of the temperature setpoint
    • Scheduling
    • Messaging assistance to e-mails
    • Record and display of daily operating hours
    • Dynamic IP forwarding

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