Manufacturer of biomass condensing boilers

Condensing boilers

BioCurve condensing boilers suppose a major jump in biomass heating. Its range, 25 to 100 kW, can achieve efficiency higher than 100% in outputs regarded as sci-fi until now.

Main features:

  • Ability for working either under condensing / non condensing conditions, without performing mechanical or electrical changes
  • No return temperature limit, neither low nor high
  • Dual flow temperature setpoint, enabling you to choose the optimal performance for several independent circuits
  • Stainless steel body, conferring the boiler unprecedented resistance and longevity
  • Automatic cleaning of the patent granted heat exchanger by using water jets
  • Smart burner plate cleaning thanks to a unique patent pending system
  • Automatic power modulation, which enables the boiler to work always at its best
  • Efficiency above 100% under condensation conditions
  • Minimal emissions, meeting the strictest environmental legislation
  • Lambda probe integrated
  • Ethernet Web server for PC/Smartphone control

The output range extends from 25 to 100 kW, while several units can run in cascade if required.

Recommended uses include housing (detached, semi-detached, neighbour communities), tertiary sector (schools, hotels, restaurants, playgrounds) and industrial facilities (farms, agricultural installations), being extremely effective where flow water is needed at very low temperature (35°C to 50°C), such as underfloor heating or heated pools.

Auger connected to silo

If the location allows enough room, we recommend the installation of a silo.

For its ease of dosing, quiet operation and robustness, auger automatic feeding is the preferred system, provided that the silo can be placed next to the boiler.

Pneumatic suction

Sometimes, it is impossible to allocate the silo next to the boiler. In those cases the optimal alternative is the vacuum feed boiler.

If this solution is chosen, the boiler is delivered with an incorporated small hopper which is automatically filled from the silo through an integrated vacuum cyclone, carrying the pellet from distances close to 20 meters.

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