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Biomass condensing boiler for Calanda sports center

August 2016

BioCurve and the Council of Calanda are betting on the biomass for the project of replacing a gas-fired boiler with a high-performance condensing appliance in the municipal sports center, following the savings, efficiency and environment strategies of the town hall.

A clear commitment of the Council of Calanda for energy efficiency and particularly biomass, positioned BioCurve thanks to its efficiency, performance and services, as the brand chosen to cover the thermal needs of the facilities at the municipal sports center. The consistory obtained a perfect balance between savings and social and environmental benefits offered by BioCurve, compared to its old diesel boilers in a building with a constant demand, thanks to the many activities that are carried out and the high demand for heating and domestic heat water (DHW) required.

On this occasion, a BCH60 appliance with 60 kW of condensing output, fed by an auger from an external silo of 8 tons capacity, shapes what was once an ambitious project and today is a reality in the form of a remarkable saving for municipal budget.

The BioCurve installation, which fully meets the facility’s energy demand, replaces an old diesel oil boiler with a discrete performance. In this way, the Council of Calanda reduces number of emissions at the same time that it is possible to save in a remarkable way, fulfilling the objectives set by the consistory itself, which places Calanda as one of the municipalities with reference to energy efficiency, savings and respect for the environment, as explained by his own Mayor Mr. José Ramón Ibañez Blasco.

Using the most developed model of the market in condensation technology, coupled with the existing sports facility, the energy saving is over 40%, accelerating thus the amortization of the project.

The village of Luis Buñuel, route of snare and bass drums and famous peaches … also has its first BioCurve crab.

Biomasa en Calanda

Calanda’s first condensing biomass boiler


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