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BioCurve receives the Technological Advancement Award 2017 at the FIGAN International Animal Production Show

April 2017

BioCurve, Endef and Ecoeficenter receive the “Technological Advance” award at FIGAN 2017

BioCurve, EndeF and Ecoeficenter have presented at the International Animal Production Show, FIGAN 2017, the optimal solution for the heating of breeding and fattening farms.

On the one hand, EndeF introduces its extraordinary hybrid panel Ecomesh, thermal and photovoltaic, with a record performance from solar energy, which has already been backed by numerous awards.

On the other hand, BioCurve offers the only biomass condensing boiler in non-domestic thermal outputs (up to 125 kW) without the need of heat exchangers. This boiler can heat directly at low temperature, a must condition for underfloor heating or air heaters, usually used in farms for breeding and fattening cattle. In addition, they are the only ones in the market capable of producing heat water at two different temperatures, low (from 27ºC) and high (up to 80ºC), being able to manage a solar accumulator while flowing to radiant floor.

This combined solution, which supposes a great saving of fuel to the farm owners, has deserved the recognition of the International Animal Production Show, which has endorsed with the prize of Technological Advancement 2017 to the three companies.

BioCurve Awards Gallery

With this, BioCurve has already received nine international awards in its intense progress:

  • 2013 CreaIDEA
  • 2014 ANCES Innovative Technology Based Company
  • 2014 Expobiomasa Technological Innovation
  • 2015 Bois Energie d’Argent
  • 2015 Third Millennium EcoInnovation Award
  • 2016 Seal of Excellence from the European Union
  • 2016 Entrepreneur Award XXI Aragón
  • 2016 IDEA Contest
  • 2017 FIGAN Technological Advancement
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