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BioCurve, the most powerful condensing boilers

BioCurve pellet boilers present efficiency, output and versatility hardly seen before.
Our engineering team has optimized each step for offering a condensing biomass boiler with the highest output in the market.

The heat exchanger – patent granted – is formed by a cluster of stainless steel spiral pipes, which allows the flue gas to yield the maximum energy to the water, reducing the emission of dust almost to zero.

The path which flue gas must walk is up to three times longer than in conventional boilers, being the flow spontaneously turbulent without the help of additional devices.

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We develop condensing boilers with outstanding performance letting you to save energy and resources.

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BioCurve condensing boilers do not need any additional device such as heat recovers, whereas BioCurve low temperature boilers yield record efficiency in non condensing appliances.

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Biomass, offering a price about half the cost of fuel oil, presents only advantages

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The most powerful biomass condensing boilers

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