Manufacturer of biomass condensing boilers

About Us

BioCurve’s core is a highly skilled technical team, with diverse backgrounds and engineering degrees, strong environmental commitment and a solid industrial support from several generations of metalworkers.

Central offices, as well as a test bench and showroom are allocated at Zaragoza, whereas factory facilities can be found in Arrankudiaga (Biscay).

BioCurve Zaragoza

Vision, mission, and values:

Mission: we want to be a reference in the heating world.
Vision: we offer new concepts with high quality.
Values: here are the keywords that lead our identity:

  • Innovation we continuously search improvements and a careful portfolio expansion.
  • Simplicity we do believe that the best solution is the simplest one.
  • Self-criticism we are strict with the quality of our processes, either productive or commercial.
  • Service we are strongly client focused, observing their needs, aiming to exceed its expectations.
  • Team we share knowledge and efforts, we listen to the contribution of all members.

CEEI-Aragón nave 8
María de Luna 11
50018 Zaragoza · Spain